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AliExpress is an online retail service based in China that is owned by the Alibaba Group. Launched in 2010, it is made up of small businesses in China and other locations, such as Singapore, that offer products to international online buyers. It is the most visited e-commerce website in Russia and was the 10th most popular website in Brazil. It facilitates small businesses to sell to customers all over the world. AliExpress has drawn comparison to eBay, as sellers are independent and use the platform to offer products to buyers.

Leticia Miranda & Megha Rajagopalan mentioned AliExpress in an article called Small American businesses are struggling against a flood of Chinese fakes for The CNBC:

"AliExpress can have a devastating effect on small American businesses like Ospina’s, BuzzFeed News has found. The owners of 29 different US-based children’s boutiques said their designs have been copied and sold on AliExpress, often using their own photography to advertise them. Some told BuzzFeed News that Chinese merchants use AliExpress to sell replicas of their goods in bulk to other US retailers, and also go directly to consumers; the majority said they got nowhere when they tried to report the issue to the company."


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Technical Support Representative (Former Employee) says

"This company looks good on paper but they will make excuses not to pay you. They avoid responsibility for equipment issues. I would not recommend working here long term"

ejecutiva call center (Current Employee) says

"No aconsejo a nadie trabajar ahí, mal trato, sueldos bajos en comparación al nivel de exigencia, muy mala experiencia Cons: Mucha explotación y humillacion"

Teleoperador (Former Employee) says

"Especulan con los cursos y la organización es muy muy mala Cons: Todos"

Technical Support Representative (Former Employee) says

"They will make it seem like they care about you during training. Production is a different story. I’m disabled and I had paperwork and they requested even more paperwork and still wouldn’t give me accommodations. They don’t care about you. Management is nonexistent. They will hate helping you if you ask for help. Don’t go here."

CSR - Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Transcom has very specific rules that change every so often and they do not update you about these changes. They are overly strict with outrageously terrible shift. Management is terrible Cons: Terrible load management"

Mac Tier 2 Technical Support (Former Employee) says

"You will endure negativity through customers and management each and every work day and hour. Very little technical support assistance or support with issues. No lines of support as you are basically on your own and can only hope for assistance with a difficult customer situation. During Covid the company made no adjustments in order to better assist customers and training was so poor all 1st level support did was further aggravate the issue and then pass the problem on to you to handle. Customers are very angry with the process and your available resources to deescalate the issue are extremely limited if any which basically means the company relies on you to use your super sweet skills to fix a customers product or issue which super sweet doesn’t fix a device no matter how much sugar your put on it. Don’t recommend this job to anyone. Cons: This job will break you down to feel as if you are incapable of doing anything right."

Senior Technical Advisor (Current Employee) says

"The work is easy if you are a competent human and you can work from home but everything else about this job is truly awful. The attendance system is terrible, you are pointed for missing more than 5 minutes of a shift no matter if its weather, internet, being sick or a number of other things totally out of your control. They also have a shift bid process that can totally alter your schedule. From working mornings to nights and there is no recourse for this if you get a bad shift you are just out of luck. The managers are useless and rarely know any of the policies because they change so frequently and you are never kept up to date on those facts. While the work is easy it is very draining because it is customer service and you are dealing with angry belligerent customers that have no idea what is going on. It pays the bills and if you get a good schedule it can be a decent job but you will quickly detest this company. Cons: Everything else."

Universal Agent/Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"I worked there for over 6 years and was let go without any notice. They treat you like cattle. Devoted employee and just like that Bye, have a good day!"

Teleoperadora-Telemarketing (Former Employee) says

"Esta empresa sólo hace cursos de 15dias (no remunerados), te contrata y en cuanto cobran el curso te despiden"

AppleCare Advisor (Former Employee) says

"I quit my previous job and took this job (and a pay cut) due to the pandemic and wanting to be home to help my kids learn virtually. I thought this would be a great opportunity..I WAS WRONG!! My trainer was great loved her she was amazing so i was excited to work for the company. Got into nesting and soon realized it was every man for himself this company doesnt care about you at all! There was about 20 people in a class saying they werent comfortable with the job and they needed more assistance, so we had a meeting with an OM they basically said - oh well we’re on a timeline and there’s nothing you can do about it. Fast forward to production they treat you like a robot taking calls and they want you in that assembly line as if you’re not human and don’t have a life outside of work. They would mark me as a ncns before my shift would even begin and claim that it was system issues. The pay is great but not when you’re constantly missing hours on your check because of “IT issues” i finally decided to let them fire me because at this point I’m not gonna stress myself to the point of hives for a job that I’m not happy at. While you’re employed hr is good about returning emails but the team lead i had never responded to us until days later. I’ve asked him to fix my pay with almost 30 hours and no one is responding to me. But they are emailing me about when they are picking up their equipment and acting as if they aren’t receiving my emails about my missing hours. Cons: Everything else"

Callcenter medewerker (Former Employee) says

"Ga hier absoluut niet werken! Cons: Alles!"

Technical Support (Former Employee) says

"Was welcomed to the team picked my hours and days off then sent a rejected email this was uncalled for and unprofessional. I would avoid this company and save yourself a huge headache. Cons: Misleading, Unprofessional"

Customer Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"This company was sued even in the not developed countries of Europe. Lies, betrayals, law payment, no promised bonuses even after a very long time, high fluctuation, poor HR, unprofessional management. Cons: No feedback for candidates even when you ask for it"

Apple Advisor (Former Employee) says

"The associates in the Philippines were stealing the Amazon gift card incentives and the company had no clue until I alerted the management to it. The internal infrastructure is subpar and the management makes the reps think it is there connection. Cons: Subpar"

CSR - Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"This has to be the worst company I’ve ever worked for. It doesn’t matter who you are; it doesn’t matter if you consistently out perform others, you will be micromanaged to your absolute death. It is absolutely horrible. Micromanaged to death. And, they certainly don’t pay NEAR enough to put up with that. You’ve been warned."

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"The colleagues at Transcom were really decent people to work with, the work was easy, but the management really was bringing the place down, they made every day feel miserable, they have removed all benefits so no canteen, no games on a Fridays, no free meals, no place for movement within the business either, also its a very boring job, pretty dreary and depressing place to work."

Agente (Current Employee) says

"La verdad es que no suele haber mucha promoción interna. Tampoco hay posibilidades reales de ascender de puesto (solo cuando hay vacantes para ello, pero no te lo dan por tu desempeño o productividad). Cada vez es más difícil llegar a los incentivos, lo cual no ayuda a llegar a fin de mes. Deben pasar muchos meses (o años) para que te hagan indefinido. En definitiva: es otra empresa de Telemarketing más."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Transcom is an easy job but you better watch out for your pay. They will scam you!! They will give you a tool called AVAYA to “track” your time. But won’t actually pay you for the time you worked!! Watch out for this company!! And then, they will just drop you from a contract without a notice and leave you jobless!! ONCE THEY FIND YOU NO LONGER A USEFUL ASSIST TO THE COMPANY!! Please do yourself a favor and don’t apply to this job, there are so many better options to apply for to work from home!!"

operatore call center (Former Employee) says

"Poco gradita la richiesta delle ferie anche solo un paio di giorni. Cons: Il business manager che mi è capitato...supponente e irrispettoso"

Assistente de Call Center (Former Employee) says

"Tendo eu uma vasta experiencia em CC, nunca me deparei com chefias de tão mau trato "Supervisores no geral e a chefia direta destes" abusivos recalcados, Imperalistas com falta de ética e valores morais, o clima do medo é o que se vive num dia normal de trabalho."

Former Employee - Independent Retailer says

"I worked at AliExpress part-time for less than a year Cons: Products take a long time to arrive, the quality-cost relation is not good at all."

Former Employee - Operations says

"I worked at AliExpress full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Salary is low comparing to other chinese tech companies Office location Working hours"

Paolo S. says

"As soon as you complaint about missing shipments they will lock your account"

Mouse guy says

"terrible service and absolutely terrible communication waiting over 3 months for a lousy mouse still dont have it i dont have refund either. Customer BEAWARE!!!"

Fuck You Jack Ma says

"There\'s always something wrong with whatever you buy on Ali. Materials are usually decent, manufacturing meh. But QC is non-existent and customer service absolutely horrible. Buying there has to be approached with the mindset that every seller on there is trying to screw you over, which is probably not far from the truth."

kani fuker says

"My first order will be my last order. I bought a Pagani GMT watch from Pagani-Design as reviews stated best to buy from actual manufacturer for best quality. Watch arrived and had two deep scratches on clasp and you couldn't even read the date through the cyclops. Contacted seller for a returns label but seller just wrote return watch for refund, nothing else. I asked the next day again and seller blocked me. I opened a dispute on the 11th Jan 2021 with photo evidence of the watch and the packaging. Oh by the way i paid via Paypal £76 and in Dollars £99.99 for the watch but the seller marked the value of the watch down on postage at a mere £10 (evidence sent also of this). From the 11th Jan until today the 18th Jan 2021 not a single response from Pagani-Design or from Aliexpress who were supposed to step in by the 14th and hopefully i would get a full refund and a returns label. No response from Aliexpress what so ever so i emailed Paypal the details earlier today and within half an hour Paypal responded and said they had contacted Aliexpress. I await an outcome but just went on to Aliexpress sight and my dispute has disappeared and say's my watch buy IS FROZEN. DO NOT BUY FROM ALIEXPRESS AND CERTAINLY NOT FROM PAGANI-DESIGN. Neither respond to any questions, disputes or messages. With everything that has gone on in this past year with COVID i will never buy a single thing from CHINA. Bunch of robbing, thieving, lying fraudsters."

Nikolas M says

"Seller sent wrong product (printer with USB. I ordered printer with bluetooth) and did not want to refund. I opened dispute. Showed evidence: 5 places on the product website clearly indicated, that the printer sold has bluetooth. Two images of the product clearly showed, that the product only supported USB. The model number on the website did not match the model number received. Aliexpress decided, that the claim was invalid, that I had received the product ordered."

shelley sprague says

"I placed an order , they took my money then sent me a message they could not ship it and to go through another site they are affiliated with. needless to say i paid them then they wanted me to spend more money . i cant seem to reach anyone and now a pain to have to dispute with my bank. fraud and unprofessional"

Eric says

"This company used to be such a great place to order products from, but no more. The number of items that don't arrive has damatically increased, and AliExpress's answer to that is to just deny any kind of refund. There was once a reason to accept the long wait times for low cost, but now it's too risky. You might get a great deal, or you might be throwing your money away."

Everything & Nothing says

"Really bad experience. I bought a android screen for about 538€ with shipping from a EU warahouse. The Chinese seller lies about item location, delivery time and t&t number. I got a DHL number which can't be traced. Seems like the seller ships it from China even though I paid extra for shipping from a EU warehouse. Now I can be taxed if the product if it comes from China and In that case I will file a dispute with PayPal. Delivery should be latest 27.january or full refund but aliexpress gives the seller time to 03.febuary The same product could be found from other Chinese sellers for half the price but I chose to buy it from this seller and pay more, as I didn't want to wait long time for delivery and handle tax & customs. I should have bought it on ebay from a German seller and pay the 150-200€ more and get it within 2-3days and 2 years warranty. Alixpress don't care about European customers and should be banned in Europe. Should you buy from Alixpress vs eBay & Amazon? Alixpress A little bit cheaper Ebay & Amazon: Better buyer protection Better Delivery time Better customer service Better warranty program Most products no Vat, no Tax"

andrew dowling says

"Bought some golf items,when they arrived they were of poor quality.opened a dispute and was told to return item to China at my expense to receive a refund. Explained cost of shipping but no help at all. DO NOT USE"

anthony says

"I ordered guitar strings at £27.70 from hey jude music store on aliexpress which I received with free shipping in December 2021 However tried to order more and aliexpress is trying to charge 20% Now for tax I'm in United kingdom and if there is tax it's hmrc job to collect it when item arrives at customs not down to China firms. SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM!!"

Peter James Davidson says

"No response from customer service. Last December I ordered a Laptop battery. The seller said it was not available. Aliexpress said (automated) "The Refund has been sent". The refund never arrived. After repeated attempts, emails to customer service, I have had no response. Aliexpress have not yet refunded my payment."

Paz says

"Never buy car parts from Ali Express. I ordered a tail light assembly for my Toyota Hiace and almost 3 months later it has not left China. The supplier refused to refund, so I have lost my money. They attempted to ship a second product, but I had already bought from a local supplier at a good price, so Ali Express are a waste of time, and their refund policy appears to be false."

Ives says

"Do not buy here,we bought a clock , but it arrived with no hands. Aliexpress offered to pay back half of it? What are we suppose to do with a clock with no hands? They ripped us off, and we are stuck with an item, we can't do anything with it . They say that they will refund you but do not believe a word of it."

Suzanne J says

"Terrible customer service. I have been waiting 80 plus days for several items and now they are saying one item has been delivered to my Post Office and they are releasing funds! It has not been delivered there or here. The seller through Aliexpress SENDUCS do not reply at all. Do not buy from them!! RIP OFF"

David Ireland says

"I ordered a set if crimping pliers, and received a circuit breaker. I opened a complaint, attaching an image of the circuit breaker, and the label on the package, which included the tracking number, barcodes, the Product name: pliers and the product value. Aliexpress intervened on the complaint immediately, and said AliExpress' Judgment: The package was empty Invalid I clearly hadn't claimed the package was empty: I'd included a photo of it's contents! In any case, I picked 'Function not as described', and clearly, circuit breakers don't function very well as crimping pliers. Even if the package was empty, why wouldn't I get a refund? I can only describe this as ridiculous. I can't find a way to respond to this on the site, so I guess I'll get in touch with my credit card company..."

Cautious says

"I ordered a Onemix netbook from Aliexpress during the beginning of the quarantine. I was advised it was posted. The tracking showed it was on its way. It never arrived. Aliexpress did not allow me to open a dispute. In the future, I shall pay a bit more for products from AMAZON, EBAY etc for peace of mind. In fairness, I have received other items from Aliexpress without difficulty. I am not sure if this is an isolated incident or a general trend with Chinese companies. Judging from other reviews there is cause for concern."

PSav says

"Terrible service from this online platform. I will NEVER buy any goods though it again. I have an issue with a company selling me a faulty product. Neither the seller or Aliexpress could be bothered to help. I have contacted Aliexpress 4 times to try to get a resolution and each time I get the same pathetic response that I am sure is just generated by a BOT. Once they have your $$, that is all they care about."

Familie V says

"Good for non-electronics and low volume: try with 1 first, if you like it order more. Electronics are a disaster (quality-wise): items don't function, are not compliant to standards or are even unsafe. The service helpdesk is almost impossible to reach and even though they promise to assist, nothing changes.. Money lost..."

tess barfield says

"The site itself is okay. I ordered 6 of clothing items and it cost me 66 dollars in total. 2 items arrived and the quality was good. 2 of the items were listed as “delivered” on the site but I never received them. I opened a dispute and the seller accepted it but still waiting on a refund. Have quered the post office about the other item. I would recommend only ordering items that have reviews from lots of people with pictures so you know it’s safe. The other 2 items are listed as “ departed country of origin” and have said that for weeks worried they won’t arrive."

wsa says

"ඏ♦ customer helpline 𝒞𝒪𝒩𝒯𝒜𝒞𝒯 +𝟣_8𝓉𝒽𝓇𝑒𝑒 𝓉𝒽𝓇𝑒𝑒_7𝓏𝑒𝓇𝑜 𝒵𝐸𝑅𝒪 _zero 𝟧𝟩𝟣_. ♔♡ Really bad experience. I bought a android screen for about 538€ with shipping from a EU warahouse. The Chinese seller lies about item location, delivery time and t&t number. I got a DHL number which can't be traced. Seems like the seller ships it from China even though I paid extra for shipping from a EU warehouse. Now I can be taxed if the product if it comes from China and In that case I will file a dispute with PayPal. Delivery should be latest 27.january or full refund but aliexpress gives the seller time to 03.febuary The same product could be found from other Chinese sellers for half the price but I chose to buy it from this seller and pay more, as I didn't want to wait long time for delivery and handle tax & customs."

DennisMcCauley says

"I ordered some golf clubs which still haven't arrived, although the customer service team have been very helpful, I spoke with a lovely young lady named Li Wei who was extremely apologetic."

mike says

"Aliexpress , ok, so this company is owned by alibaba, which is a billion dollar company, but their website is a bloody mess, nothing works and seems to be developed by some intern. So I try to log in, with SMS verification, and somehow my phone doesn\'t receive the SMS. So I click on the button that says, chat with 24/7 support, ok, then it asks me to log in first. Great. GG. Fucking idiots running this company. How the fuck do they become a billion dollar company ???? "

Michael says

"Aliexpress sucks, they don\'t seem to care at all when you chat with them about order status. I have had a phone case in transit at local facility for over a week now and I highly doubt it\'s even in America yet if it still hasn\'t arrived yet. Never shipping aliexpress again after my order arrives, if it ever does. "

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